THAW was born in the year 2002…

Thaw Designers is a Multidisciplinary Architectural firm which houses services like Architectural Design Consultancy, Interior Design Consultancy and contract works, Project Management Consultancy, Layout Planning and Renovation of Interior, Architectural and Constructional Projects with a self motivated, enthusiastic team that aspires to make a mark on the globe – nationally, and inter-nationally.

Thaw Designers Architectural Practice started in the year 2002 by a team of Architects In Bangalore and also has branched out to Coimbatore

Unique in their own ways continued the tradition of defining and creating dimensions for Clients dreams with passion and dedication towards achieving the complete Solution with innovation, classification, technology and exellence.

With more than a Decade of Experience Ar. Prasath Chandrasekaran and Ar. Tara Prasath has achieved a deep concern to the built environment, the need to create architectural excellence, human experience through the spirit of planning and execution for all its projects handled nationally.

Thaw- dreams, walks and talks THE PATH OF ITS CLIENT…

“We dream along with you”, that is why we are able to produce the best impressive and satisfactory designs along with the concern of nature and its interference with the environment. Yes we emphasize on creating Inspiring, Design excellence, Technically innovated buildings with Practical Solutions.

Our minds work round the clock to deliver the best of our knowledge and uniqueness to the Clients in whatever we do…

Our expertise in identifying the flaws and discomforts in human living has led us to evolve ourselves into a new venture of Project Development Company – AARAN INFRASTRUCTURES, which focuses on giving the complaint free architectural, interior, constructional developmental projects in and around Coimbatore.

We aim in creating and executing more challenging projects like the Mall, Hospitals, Recreation Centres, Commercial complexes, Schools, Tech parks and many more.



Being a builder is not just about putting up concrete structures, collecting money and making the balance sheets grow in figures and numbers. Rather, It is about shouldering a much larger social responsibility wherein a person’s life earnings are at stake for a shelter of his dreams or a commercial base to flourish.

Therefore, the buildings should be constructed on the stronger foundation of faith and commitments. A builder should not collect money without getting fully satisfied about the title and all the statutory clearances.
We must make a difference in the life of every person and uplift society benchmarks so that we are able to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our organization would first like to become a better citizen of the society before becoming World’s best construction company.

We should be careful in looking at the welfare of every worker and laborer for it is they who construct our houses brick by brick.

In a nutshell, we should own up responsibilities, create benchmarks without caring for costs, follow commitments………….and success will follows us.